Chairman's Message

Sushil Bedarwal
CMD, Bedarwal Group

"As a builder of modern India, we believe in creating value for every individual touched by our endeavours."

We believe in creating assets for life.

The Man Who Envisioned NCR - Sushil Bedarwal

In the Real Estate Development context, when we think of NCR, the stories of astounding developments at places that adjoin Delhi cross our minds.

Sushil Bedarwal was perhaps the first man to visualize the current growth of these areas much before the realty boom. Almost single handedly he enabled the developments at Sonepet and Panipat and was also instrumental in shaping the face of many other upcoming areas.

His vision today leads Bedarwal into a bright future.

His dynamic leadership and bold entrepreneurship give strength to the organization to look beyond the boundaries and achieve the un-achievable.